About Us

Thanks for stopping by to find out about the tails of Dylan. Dylan is our black labrador puppy who became part of our family in July 2016. Since then he has not only stole our hearts but also brought chaos to our household, much laughter and occasionally tears!

I’ve always been a huge lover of dogs but I’ve never had the opportunity to own one until now.  Who would have thought it would be such a challenge and responsibility to bring up a puppy. It was so much easier to look after ponies when I was younger!

The tails of Dylan is a blog to share the adventures and challenges of our life with our dog.  A place to exchange great tips we’ve been given by other dog owners, and general country lifestyle stuff – our tales from Yorkshire.  Who knows, it may even provide inspiration for other puppy and dog owners, or dog parents to be!

We are sure you will like our corner of the world wide web where we share our stories and tips of our life with our dog.  We look forward to hearing from you too, so always feel free to comment or say hello.