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The Wild Rabbit, Kingham, Oxfordshire, Cotswolds

Well our staycation planning for next year is in full waggy tail mode. It is November after all and we all need a paw-me-up when the nights get dark.  Last summer we went on a road trip to the Cotswolds.

It was our last staycation before the little rascal (my dog brother Dexter) arrived. After being in the car for what felt paw-ever, I’d never been happier to see the countryside, or to receive the furiendliest welcome at my new home for the weekend – The Wild Rabbit, Kingham.

The Little Rascal aka my little brother Dexter

Us doggies felt like Corgi royalty when shown to our room at The Wild Rabbit, which, complete with a dog bed, water bowl and treats, made us furlegged ones feel as important as the humans.

The doggy friendly ‘Mole Room’ at The Wild Rabbit

It was exceptionally hot during the height of summer in 2018 for us doggies, with only panting and sweating through our paws to cool down, the lack of air conditioned rooms, meant the nights were a little more uncomfortable for us larger dog breeds.

The hot summer nights of July 2018

Next time the humans said we’ll stay in a one of the new doggy friendly cottages at The Wild Rabbit, which will be much more relaxing for everyone. Being a fur-legged friend, we like to guard our territory and our humans. So a room next to the entrance meant we tended to welcome too many guests with a good strong bark! Much to our pawrents annoyance in the early hours!

Adventures from The Wild Rabbit to find Daylesford Organic Farm
Daylesford Organic Farm map featuring The Wild Rabbit, Kingham

Early Saturday morning we headed off on a pawventure to find Daylesford Organic Farm. We sniffed our way through the village onto a country farm track and then I was off, roaming my new streets, smelling what had crossed these tracks before me. We passed the market garden, then buildings labelled the ‘kitchens’ and finally stumbled across a herd of cows. They were on the moo-ve, heading out for the morning into the grassy fields. Fur-tunately they were behind a gate, or we’d have been taken out into the pasture with them. It was the pawfect walk discovering our new stomping ground.

Daylesford Organic Farm cows on the moo-ve

Eventually the trail leads you to Daylesford Organic Farm shop and cottages.

Checking our the cottages at Daylesford Organic Farm
Daylesford Organic farm walk

After an hour or so, back at the Wild Rabbit we ventured into the bar.  Everypawdy knows that a good bar is always rated by its doggy treats, and this bar gets several waggy tails and the biscuits are wooftastic. Dogs are allowed on the terraces and in the bar where the snug just feels like home.

The Wild Rabbit front terrace

The Wild Rabbit terrace by night

Of course, we indulged in the Wild Rabbit breakfast (daily).  The highlight of my mornings was my greeting from Leslie.  She was a super friendly dog lover, I think she was French, and had dogs back in her home nation.  You could tell she just loved us four-legged creatures.

Probably the best modern British inn breakfast in the world!

Hunting for rabbits

On Saturday evening I got to try RABBIT!! Oh my dogness. Yep – the place lives up to its name.  Not only does it have rabbits attached to the walls, but it serves a very DROOLICIOUS wild rabbit…slobber…slobber…

The Wild Rabbit bar dog treats…re-BARK-able!
Dinner in the bar at The Wild Rabbit
Rabbit at The Wild Rabbit

We ventured back to Daylesford the following day, heading to the farm shop.

Farm shop at Daylesford Organic Farm
The cheese room at Daylesford Organic Farm
Artisan hand crafted breads at Daylesford Organic Farm

The flower workshop at Daylesford Organic Farm
The home store at Daylesford Farm

This place even has a thing called a Doggy Park – woohoo – playtime.  There was a black dog like me there already.  I was pawfectly polite. I introduced myself and gave the doogy play bow, enquiring ‘do you want to play’? – but I got nothing.  A stoney silence, no waggy tail… not even one hair moved. HOW RUDE I thought!!!  Turns out it was a statue and the dog park is a place for us dogs to wait for our HUMANS whilst they popped to the shop for some retail therapy and not a park to play in – Oh well!

The dog park at Daylesford Organic Farm
ReTAIL therapy

Appawrently there is a wonderful wellness retreat on the premises that the pawrents were raving about…maybe by next year the Bamford Haybarn will have added a dog spa…now would that be a dog treat!

The Haybarn Spa at Daylesford Organic Farm
Bamford Haybarn Wellness Retreat
Treatment rooms at The Haybarn

Bamford products at The Haybarn

What an adventure, I’m pawstively sure I’d like to return.

I think i’ve caught the bug for The Wild Rabbit …


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The Boat House, Rothiemurchas, Highlands of Scotland

Nestled in the highlands of Scotland lies the ultiMUTT holiday location and PAWsible the best place we’re ever sniffed.

After 7 hours in the car, leaving Yorkshire at breakfast time, we finally pulled into Rothiemurchus, hidden just behind Aviemore, on the edge of the Cairngorms National Park. Our bellies rumbling, we’d left Yorkshire at breakfast time, but this was no time for hunger. It was time to explore – a wood and the River Spey all on the doorstep – is this place is FUR’REAL.

The grounds of the Boat House

Then, whilst checking out the garden, we met another family that were staying on the estate. Marsli and her hairy Highland Cow crew. They we’re having a stomping time at the other side of our garden with their new babies.

Meeting Marsli the highland cow!

After some time exploring the grounds, sniffing out where the pheasants and deer had been the night before, we discovered the Boat House – one of the most PAWtastic places I’ve ever wagged.

The Boat House, Rothiemurchus

We met our hosts Amy and James, dog mad humans, the best type. ApPAWrently, I got a little too excited, embarrassing the humans by jumping up at the back door demanding to be let in to meet the visitors, and then jumping all over Amy. Everyone was singing ‘who let the dogs out!’ in their heads. They gracefully said we were adorable. Next time, YES…the humans said they’re will be a next time, we’re not allowed to meet anyPAWdy until we’ve settled down.

Come on in … welcome to our new home everyPAWdy.

The house was as exciting to discover inside as the outside setting. Lots of rooms and doors hiding new smells and comfy dog snoozing floors. Dog rules applied, as they do at home – no upstairs snooping or snoozing, and no sneaking on the sofas. But with such cosy and fluffy rugs who need a sofa! Dexter fell in LOVE with the rug in the snug.

Introducing the new Laird’s of Rothiemurchus!

Here is a sneaky peek of some of the rooms us dogs missed!

Ground floor bedroom
Ground floor view
Upstairs bedroom
Upstairs en-suite
Master bedroom
Upstairs bathroom

The ‘Chill Out’ room is unreal for a night in with PETflix. The PAWrents said it’s like having your own personal cinema. OBVs we’ve never been to the cinema – they’re not dog friendly, but this place certainly is, and we love it.

In the four days we spent at the Boat House, we sniffed out new places around the estate which has been with the Grant family for over 450 years! So many places and walks to explore.

Exploring Rothiemurchus Estate

On the boundary of the estate we discovered Inshriach Forest and Glenmore Forest Park. On our next trip we’re going to visit the beach at Loch Morlich. The beach is our favourite place to play. This time we hit Nairn beach, overlooking the Black Isle, whilst checking up on the grandPAWrent.

Back at Rothiemurchus estate, we discovered it hosts a Farm Shop with their own craft butcher. We tasted some delights at The Druie café restaurant before popping into the gift shop for some reTAIL therapy. It’s PAW liking good, and extremely PAWpular.

It’s imPAWsible to beat the tranquillity of the Boat House, it’s one of those places that gives you PAWspective and a new leash of life. So much so, I refused to get in the car when it was time to go home.

Dylan it’s home time, get in.

The PAWrents talked about taking how great it would be to spend a month at the house reading all the books. To us, Rothiemurchus is the real crown jewel of Scotland. BUT please don’t tell anyPAWdy about this special place – let’s just keep it our little secret.

We hope we be FURiends FURever with the clan at the Rothiemurchus Estate.

Be sure to say ‘hello’ from us when you visit.

Have you ever visited the area? Share your stories below.

Check out Rothimurchus and the Boat House




Dog walks in Yorkshire

Dalby Forest, North Yorkshire Moors National Park

This place is BARKING! It’s 8000 acres of wooftastic woods! Filled with lots of humans walking, cycling and playing with their canine family members – it’s just bow wow WOW! No wonder it’s called ‘The Great Yorkshire Forest’.

After a couple of hours car journey, our road trip took us into the fun filled forest – the home to Go Ape (where humans monkey around and hang from trees!). I told you this place is barking!

Oh what’s all this then? There are people hanging from trees out there!!!

The smell of BBQ’s and tasty treats from various picnics is tempting but I remained on my best behavior! Well at least I was when it came to food – but I did try to steal a ball from a possessive Staffy.  This was not such a great idea! Luckily our pawrents got to us before I got to the ball! I think he may have played a bit RUFF for me being a big softy.  Would serve me right for trying to steal his ball!!

Extreme – I’m not sure i’m qualified for this run!

We swiftly took one of the 12 trails – the Adderstone Rigg Walk. Wandering deep into the woods, even deeper once I saw a rabbit! Unfortunately, it outsmarted me. As I ran off the path down the hill into the woods the rabbit did a sneaky U-turn and ran across the path up into the opposite woods! After ten minutes of circling the scent I was beat (pant, pant, pant…)!

I can smell a rabbit!

Luckily, I wasn’t near a cycle track whilst chasing the rabbit – those humans on bikes can cover ground quickly.  I even saw one dog trailing the family. They looked like a pack of hounds chasing each other through the woods.  It looked WOOFTASTIC! I’m thinking of becoming a mountain bike dog myself! Training with papa begins soon …

Checking out the track!
Dog in training!

The only caution with this walk is there are lots of people on bikes but if you can avoid them and not fall under a wheel its PAWSOME! With the exception of the bikes I’d grade it a number 1 walk from my guide below.

Happy walking…..

(waggy waggy)


Doggy friendly places to eat & drink

Filmore & Union, Wetherby, Yorkshire

Our Good Friday included a visit to Filmore & Union in the sweet little market town of Wetherby.  With branches throughout Yorkshire and beyond – Filmore & Union claim to be the home of the totally dog friendly restaurant.  Clearly advertised on their website ‘as a family business we know how dogs are an addition member which is why we allow dogs in all of our stores; they can enjoy the Filmore experience too.’  I’m pleased to report that they don’t disappoint. We were greeted by the very hospitable and courteous Marcus who remembered us from our visit to the Harrogate branch last week, and we were shown to an area with a little extra room for me.  Well, in terms of size, I’m no ‘shrinking violet’ at nearly 31kg!

Homegrown in Yorkshire and inspired by the San Francisco food scene; Filmore was established back in 2012 to provide an eatery specialising in healthy dishes made from fresh and wholesome produce; sourced from local suppliers, farmers and butchers. I overheard the humans saying; ‘with a reputation of serving food that is ‘nourishing and sumptuous’ benefiting ones’ wellbeing – it makes you wonder should healthy food really taste this good’?

Filmore & Union Sweet Pancakes

Part of Filmores unique selling point is they’re committed to catering for different dietary intolerances including gluten, dairy, refined sugar and flour free options.  Unfortunately for me this didn’t include a doggy diet – no cheeky treats available for me.  Well, none that I managed to sniff out with my gun dog nose.

Flying the flag for the dog friendly restaurant they even feature ‘Top Dog’ of the week within their social campaigns and Filmore Friday emails, sharing stories of those lovely pooches that have visited with their Filmore friends.

Any chance someone could fill my doggy bag?

Keep up the good work Filmore foodie chefs and your enthusiastically welcoming doggy friendly staff – we salute you!

‘Top Dog’ restaurant of the week goes to Filmore.

Perhaps we may visit some more branches on our travels, any recommendations?


Doggy friendly places to eat & drink, Doggy friendly places to stay

Lord Crewe Arms, Blanchard, Northumbria

My Holiday Tails

This time last month I went on my first jollies to the Lord Crewe Arms in Blanchard set within the picturesque North Pennine moors of Northumbria. What a place. Lord Crewe Arms - Sleeping in the master suiteIt was like a home from home. Dogs are allowed just about everywhere. I even discovered the luxuries of a bed. Lord Crewe Arms - Comfy bedI often wondered where my pawrents went at night time to sleep. I’m not allowed upstairs at home but it turns out there are no rules on your holidays, well not as many. Sneaky buggers hiding such comfort from me but I got my own back. I jumped into bed for a cuddle at 4am – wakey wakey room for a small one!

Lord Crewe Arms - Log Fire

Food at Lord Crewe

The food smelt amazing. I had a cheeky sausage from breakfast, very tasty. Absolutely approve of the organic 90-98% pork butes from Franconian Sausage Company, they’re banging. Top choice well-done chef! Full English next time and maybe a Lord Crew Brew?

Relaxing at Lord Crewe

I’m not sure if my favourite part of my weekend away was hanging out with the other doggies in the very cool crypt bar; the abundance of affection I got from the staff and other guests – lapped that up; or if it was my adventures along the river. I’m a little obsessed by water as you can see from my video on my instagram. There’s nothing like a dip in the Derwent – no bath in the boot room needed!

Lord Crewe Arms - Bonny

Described by the Sunday Telegraph as one of the fifty most romantic hotels in Europe. I certainly I fell in love. I’d definitely recommend a visit and I can’t wait to return.   See you soon lovely people at Lord Crewe

Dylan Paw Print