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Puppy secret 2 – tips for teething

My pawrents were introduced to the secret by another puppy owner and have been passing it on ever since.  The secret of frozen carrots! There’re like the ice lollies of the doggy world. They sooth the gum, taste great and apparently are rich in Omega 6 fatty acid, vitamins A and K and potassium. So maybe more like a frozen yogurt than ice cream! Hopefully this will distract your bundle of joy from chewing up everything and anything in the house to chewing on some nutritious veg.


Watch out they are also high in fibre so not too many or we’ll have a different type of trouble!

Ice cubes work too, very handy if you’re in the local pub or beer garden….


What’s your teething tips? Feel free to share below.

Head back for another installment of tips from my time as a puppy next week.

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